Privacy Policy for Feel Like Strike

The visitor privacy is extremely important for us. This privacy policy document describes in detail the types of personal information that is recorded by and how we use it.

The Information we Might Store And Use

When visiting our website, we might possibly ask you to give us certain personally identifiable data that might be used to contact or identify you. Individual data may include, among other things, your email address and first and last name. However, you may browse our site anonymously.
We can use your individual data to contact you with news, promotional or marketing material and/or other details. However, we will not use any information if we don’t think it may benefit you.

Log Files

As many other site operators, we make use of logfiles. These files simply log visitors to the site – usually a common procedure for web hosts and a part of their analytics. The information inside the logfiles includes internet protocol (IP) address, internet service provider, browser types, date and time, referral/exit pages and optionally the number of clicks. This information can be used to look for trends, manage the site, follow user movement around the site, and gather demographic information.


Cookies are computer files with a bit of information, which might include an anonymous and unique identifier. Cookies are forwarded to your internet browser from a web site and stored on your computer harddrive.
As many site operators, we use cookies to store information about visitors, to record user-specific information on which pages the site visitor visits and to customize or personalize our webpage content by visitors’ browser type and/or any other data.

Privacy Policy Updates

Our Privacy Policy is effective as of June 17, 2016 and will stay in effect except with regards to any changes in its future specifications, which will be in effect when posted here on this page. When we revise or refine the privacy policy, the changes will be posted here.

Children Information

We think it is very important to provide extra security for children on the internet. We encourage parents to spend time online together with their child to witness, participate in and check and guide their online activity. We do not deliberately store any individual data from children under the age of 13. If a parent believes that saves individually identifiable information of someone under the age of 13, please contact us and we will use our best efforts to promptly delete such information from our database.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us via art -atsign-

Compensation Disclosure

Good Faith Recommendations

Where extracts have been displayed from other reviewers, discussion boards, or other user feedback, these are not indicative of verifiable results. All viewers are cautioned to do their own due diligence before making a purchase displayed on this website.
Our intention is to be totally honest all of the time. If however you find anything shown on this site, that you don’t agree with, then please get in touch with us immediately and we’ll check it. We reserve the right to withdraw the display of any service or product that doesn’t have our high level of satisfaction immediately. Any honesty and integrity is important to usall of the time.

The owners of this website will always recommend services and products based partially on a good faith belief that the supply of such services or products will benefit the person obtaining it. The webmaster has good faith belief, due to the fact that he/she has either tried the items prior to making any testimonials, or the owners have studied the products or services based on the manufacturer’s history. The suggestions made by the webmaster for the services or products are honest opinions based on pieces of information known to the webmaster at the time a product or service is pointed out on the website.

The owner of this website has done all steps possible to check the feedback that shows up on this site. They’re seen as average user expectations based on the details available at the moment of publishing them. Investigations have been made to confirm their authenticity each time. If a claim sounds untrue then the owners of this site regard this as such and don’t submit this on the website.

Compensation Bias

The owners’ opinion about a product or service might be formed partially because the webmaster is likely to receive compensation for the service or product. The type of the partnership is enough to effectuate a financial connection between the webmaster and the provider. There will be situations where the owner won’t get compensation relating to the items on this site. You should presume that the webmaster has a material relationship with the service or product suppliers, because the owner has is given or will probably receive something of monetary value. You should at all times undertake your own due diligence before buying a product or service mentioned on this site.


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